Your Brand - Our Expertise
Established in 2005, FLO Accessories develops and markets innovative travel, on-the-go and beauty accessories, which are distributed in a wide range of retail outlets around the world. In addition Flo is a dedicated service provider offering full category management capabilities.
These days FLO has become renowned for its constant innovation, outstanding quality and reliable supply & service offering to the world’s largest retailers in over 40 countries.
FLO’s mission is to continue and create the most innovative, practical, stylish and high quality travel products in the market, offering turnkey solutions to its retail partners. 
Our team of experts is constantly tracking lifestyle changes and new trends in beauty, health, comfort, travel, personal care and technology to find new and trendy products to offer. 

Private Labeling Done Right
Struggling to get your private label off the ground? Make FLO Accessores your private label beauty manufacturer.

FLO provides some of the world’s leading retailers and brand players with innovative beauty products and on-the-go accessories. FLO offers full-service, concept-to-manufacturing product development. However, the quality of FLO products isn’t the only reason FLO is the top choice of some of the industry’s top brands. For many companies, it’s in the logistics that their white label supplier is failing them. Allow FLO to help you find success.
Why FLO?
FLO Accessories creates tailor-made solutions for its clientele, some of the world’s most well-known brands. 
The quality of FLO Accessories shines through. But there’s more to it than that.
FLO Accessories is also an expert with industry logistics. Through working with some of the most demanding players in the industry, FLO has learned exactly what it takes for a white label supplier to bring about private label success.
Partnering with brands like Sephora, Ulta, and Avon has taught FLO the value of reliability, flexibility, and service. This is why FLO emphasizes things like clear communication, streamlined shipping, attention to detail, and full product development.
FLO Accessories manages every aspect of your private label with care so that you can focus on building your brand.


Flo Accessories constantly offers its customers with smart, stylish & fashionable beauty accessories that make travel and personal care, as well as the on-the-go lifestyle stress-free, cool and exciting.

The main goal and desire of Flo Accessories is developing high-quality products that have the potential to solve customers real problems using trendy designs at affordable and impulse buying prices.

As a dedicated service provider, the company has extended its reach to department stores, beauty and cosmetic retailers, travel retail, pharmacy chains, fashion, accessories chains, airlines, cruise- lines and duty free shops. Thanks to this reach, partnering with FLO as your main supplier for beauty products can elevate your business as you become a distributor for stylish, on trend and well recognized products.

If your line of business makes you an agent, a beauty distributor, a retailer, and/or you are in the lookout a for a beauty accessories supplier, you too can become a successful wholesale beauty distributor.

FLO products have unique and special characteristics especially in the global competitive marketplace, and working with FLO ensures that you and your customers have a rewarding experience.

The company specialize in a wide-range of strategies that make its products stand out compared to its competitors. These business strategies take into account crucial parameters such as: product and packaging design, product innovation & development, patent protection, sourcing and procurement, along with wholesale and private label sales. 

With beauty products focused on both men and women, distributors can reach an extensive market base, which can help you rapidly grow your business. 

Contact FLO Accessories today and become a wholesale beauty supply distributor or leverage the power of FLOs private labeling service to build your brand.