Portable Lighted Travel Mirrors

Do you remember the last time you were packing for a big vacation? You were planning for months, counting down the days, and the time for your trip had finally arrived. You had everything you needed all set to go and ready to go into your fun new suitcase.

It was then that you remembered you need a reliable mirror to apply your make-up, check your hair or to tweeze your eyebrows! There's a good chance you looked all around your home for hours only to find a broken old compact mirror that you could barely see through because it was so cloudy! Or maybe you packed your favorite hand held mirror that you paid a pretty penny for only to have it break during travel! Don't let that ever happen to you again!

FLO Accessories travel mirrors were designed with you and your travels in mind! They are made out of the highest quality materials and are made specifically for traveling light. Most of FLO Accessories mirrors come standard with super bright LED lights that will help you apply your makeup even when you're in a room that has the worst lighting!

Every one of FLO travel mirrors are made just for that, travel! all of the hand held mirrors fold to protect the glass from scratching and breaking during storage or travel. When you travel with FLO mirrors, you know that when you get to your destination your mirror will look just as great as it did when you left home.

Speaking of looking great. It's one thing to have a product that is durable and slim and ready for travel but FLO mirrors are also beautiful. The simple modern design will leave your friends asking "where did you get that!"

Best of all, FLO Accessories make up mirrors are very affordable. Don't be fooled by how great they look and how amazing they work, the mirrors are no more expensive than the cheaply made make up mirrors you can find at any drug store or airport kiosk. Don't pay the same price or even more for a product that is not nearly as impressive as FLO beautiful travel mirrors.