Portable USB Travel Shavers

When traveling, remembering your shaving accessories is sometimes the last thing on your mind. With a portable shaver, which is developed to be used specifically as a travel shaver, this no longer has to be the case. Regardless of whether you are traveling for a business meeting out of town, or going on vacation with the family, your USB travel shaver is small, compact, and simple to pack for any trip. Plus, the travel shavers battery operated design, allows you to quickly recharge the battery, so you can get hours of use on a single charge when you are on the go.

Smart accessories

For those who are always on the go, the Flo travel shavers are the ideal solution to your problem. Designed to be the size of your smartphone, it won't weigh you down. With up to 30 minutes of continuous use time, and only 4 hours for a full charge, these portable shavers are ideal for those who want to travel with less, and want something that is ready to go when they are.

Simple design

You will receive a protective travel pouch, additional shaver head, and cleaning brush with your shaver as well, so everything you need to properly maintain it and use it, all come with the Flo travel shaver you choose. To clean the device, you simply have to remove the inner blade head, and use the cleaning brush to remove debris, and built up hair, which will accumulate after a few uses of the shaver.

If you are the individual who has to go to business meetings often, is always losing your shaver, or simply wants a shaver which is dedicated for use when you travel, Flo has exactly what you are looking for. A compact package, a lightweight design, and simple intuitive features, allow you to get the most out of your shaver, with every trip you take. And, it is easy to pack for each trip, as it is approved to place in your carry on, so you know exactly where it is upon arrival to your destination.