FLO Perfume Jewellery

No matter what the occasion is, perfumes and jewellery are always placed on top of the list of choices when it comes to selecting a gift for all the lovely women in our lives—wife, mother, sweetheart, sister, daughter or friend. Both the choices are precious and enchanting with the ability to complement the style and beauty of a woman.

Wearing a bright piece of jewellery or a perfume not only bring joy to the lady wearing them but also to those around her. Can’t choose between fragrance or a necklace for your special lady? Why not give both with this truly inspiring and unique gift, Perfumed Jewellery.

FLO Accessories unites the two charming presents, perfume and jewellery in a single innovative accessory to offer you the best of both worlds. Each piece of perfumed jewellery comes with lovely patented slow release capsules keeping you smelling great throughout the day.

A beautiful gold-plated or silver-plated pendant enclose the patented capsule which will keep the fragrance intact for days and days. The pendants are elegantly shaped and creatively designed to make the jewellery even more appealing.

All you need to do is simply spray the fragrance of your choice on the slow release capsule placed inside the necklace and cherish the scent for up to 7 days. Just remove the capsule and re-spray as the scent fades.

The necklaces are really stylish and will work just perfect with all outfits and occasions. It may also prove to be a great alternative for scent lovers having a sensitive skin that is likely to react to perfumes sprayed on the skin directly.

So, go for it! It is very simple, select your favorite pendant for a necklace, be it a heart or an elegant drop. Choose your loved perfume and get your lovely necklace with a small bead of fragrant capsule sitting inside the pendant, smelling exactly like your choice of perfume. Just spray a new capsule every time you want to change the fragrance.

Every item comes with 3 slow release capsules. This is undoubtedly, a great idea to buy one for yourself or gift to someone special!