Flo Travel Perfume Atomizers

Did you ever wish that you could bring your favorite perfume with you wherever you go, but you just don't have the room in your purse for it? With the Flo Perfume Atomizer, now you can. Sometimes you want to smell romantic, sometimes you want to smell sweet, and sometimes you want to smell smoldering.

With Flo, you can choose to embody any of these personalities on the go. You can fill and refill your Flo perfume atomizer with your favorite colognes or perfumes. It has a patented filling system that allows you to pour or spray your favorite perfume into the atomizer. This device does not need a funnel, so filling it up is swift and hassle free.

It comes with an encased glass receptacle so you never have to worry about spills or leaks. The outside is made up of sturdy aluminum casing that come in a variety of colors, such as fuchsia, silver, gold, black, and more.

There is a color out there to suit everyone’s styles, no matter what mood you are in for that day. It's a great companion for either traveling or a night out, where you don't have the space to carry around a bulky perfume bottle. It’s pocket-sized, so you can easily throw it into your clutch, or just tuck it away into a pocket of your jeans for efficient transportation.

It streamlines your packing routine and eliminates any fear of TSA officers during your flight trip, whisking away your expensive fragrances. To clean it, fill it with cleaning alcohol and spray the alcohol out. Then rinse with hot water before use. It's simple and there is no mess to clean up afterwards.

The spray of the nozzle enables an even distribution of the scent across a wider area of your body. This atomizer's sleek, luxurious look and durability is a great steal, given its wallet friendly price point. It's affordable enough so that you can pick up several if you want to have several different fragrance options handy for the different personalities that you wish to convey over the course of a day.

Flo understands that your fragrance choices often change with your mood. Flo carries atomizers in a 5 mL and a 7 mL size, depending on what best suits your lifestyle needs. The 7 mL size holds 120 sprays work of fragrance and the 5 mL size holds 77 sprays. Flo also offers a crystallized perfume atomizer for those of you who want to accessorize your atomizer.

Finally, if you prefer the concentrated scent of rollerballs to atomizers, Flo also has a rollerball atomizer option in the 7 mL size. It's just as leak proof, washable, and durable as the spray atomizer options.

Let Flo help you smell great on the go at a price that fits your lifestyle.