The top 5 makeup tools every woman needs

29 Mar 2017

Proper application is fundamental. That’s why having the right tools is so important. Check out the 5 essentials that every woman needs in her makeup bag:
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3 of the modern woman’s most important on-the-go beauty accessories

05 Mar 2017

In order to maintain style and grace, you need beauty products that are convenient to use and can keep up with your schedule.
Here are 3 beauty accessories that are superstars when it comes to on-the-go maintenance.
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3 Hair Accessories you didn’t know about

01 Feb 2017

There are so many different hair accessories out there today it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are three unique hair accessories that more women should add to their arsenal.
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Making your Mornings Less stressful and more Successful

16 Jan 2017

Prepare yourself for success, then execute with single-minded focus. As drab as this may sound, consistent practice can seriously cut down your morning stress-factor. Few tips to help you:
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5 sports to help you to stay fit (and have fun) in the winter

28 Dec 2016

There are lots of fun sports to play during the winter months that can keep you fit and not too far off your goals when bathing suit season rolls back around. Check out this non-exhaustive list.
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5 Must-Have Beauty Accessories To Carry In Your Handbag

14 Dec 2016

Obviously everything in the handbag is "essential". But, what are the real "must-have" beauty accessories to carry in your handbag or purse?
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5 Accessories That Every Man Should Have

28 Nov 2016

Men probably don't think about "accessories" as much as women, but these five categories are some of the most common for men to wear or use.
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The Best Extreme Activities To Do This Season

08 Nov 2016

You want extreme? Here are some ideas for extreme activities to try out.
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The Best Beauty Accessories To Go Back To Work!

18 Oct 2016

Getting back to work after the holidays can be a real struggle, and it's not just the jet lag.
So, what to take to work in your bag of tricks?
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Planning On A Sporty Weekend? 5 Tips To Stay Organized

13 Sep 2016

You have the entire weekend to unplug from your work, and enjoy some free time with your friends and family. The only problem? An unorganized trip can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are 5 tips to help you stay organized on your sporty weekend.
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Top 5 Places with Breath Taking Views to Visit

31 Aug 2016

Have a bucket list on places you want to visit? Whether it is a beautiful sunset on a beach to historic ruins, everyone loves to visit these places for the spectacular view.
To make it a little easier here is a list of the top 5 places to visit with breathtaking views.
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5 Summer Perfume Trends

15 Aug 2016

This summer there are a few trends that are a must for all of those wanting to smell like sweet, sweet summertime.
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5 Must-haves Beauty Accessories to Bring to a Wedding

26 Jul 2016

The wedding season is here! Check out the best beauty accessories to bring with you at a wedding to be ready for anything!
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Working this summer? Stay fresh in the office!

26 Jun 2016

Summer time is fun when you are at the beach, the park, or at an outdoor event. It, however, is not as fun heading to a meeting in your brand new suit meeting with your next client.

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7 Tips to Stay Fit Before the Holidays

07 Jun 2016

We all know that with the build up to summer you want to look your best, but it can be hard to balance achieving your body goals with other commitments in your life. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top 7 tips that any on-the-go woman or men can easily implement into their routine!
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5 Must See Buildings When Traveling

17 May 2016

Travelling can bring a lot of fun, especially after you reach your destination, but most people never realize that the spirit of travelling takes place between the place of departure and the destination. With the ever-growing bucket list, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of the amazing buildings that travelers must choose to see when traveling.
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Going to the Gym? Top accessories to put in your bag

19 Apr 2016

Workout day is here. You grab your gym bag, make your way to the gym, pumped up for the upcoming workout, only to realize that you forgot something you need to use before, during or after your workout. Don't be too hard on yourself, it happened to everybody.
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Top 5 Mother's Day Gifts

06 Apr 2016

Thank your mom for every single thing she's done for you with a Mother's Day gift that will delight and surprise her.
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5 Best Destinations To Go In 2016

14 Mar 2016

The travel industry has become a multi-trillion dollar industry, and the world's largest, check out top five destinations for travelers to visit this year!
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Best Beauty Gestures to Adopt This Spring

22 Feb 2016

Spring is coming! Check out the latest beauty trends and gestures to be on top for spring.
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Traveling? 10 Tips for an unforgettable Experience

02 Feb 2016

Whether your next vacation includes a relaxing week at the beach or an adventure in a new city, there are many things you can do to make your getaway better! The following are 10 things you can do to turn every trip to an unforgettable experience.
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Busy Women? 10 Tips to Survive

18 Jan 2016

Are you stressed out by everyday life? You are not alone. If you're busy women, you know about juggling the routine all too well. Here are some tips that can make your day and your life easier.
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Tips to ensure you Secure your Luggage after Check-in

31 Dec 2015

In the middle of the holidays season your are probably travelling to go skiing or visit the family. Check out the 4 following tips to be sure to get your luggage back after the flight!
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The Lastest Beauty Innovations for Travel

14 Dec 2015

A passion for beauty? Working in the field? Check out the latest innovations for travel. The new essentials to get for any trip.
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Top 3 Things to do on a Day off During a Business Trip

29 Nov 2015

A big business traveler? To enjoy the most of your trip from the work and personal part, check out our best tips below.
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The 5 Most Outstandingly Beautiful Beaches in the World

15 Nov 2015

Many travelers have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the perfect beach trip. Some prefer blue waters and white sand, while others prefer a family-friendly atmosphere defined by the brilliance of a beach with an off-the-grid scenery.
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The Best Nail Tools for Every Traveler On-The-Go

02 Nov 2015

Always travelling or On-The-go? It's not a reason to neglect your nails. Check out the following nail tools to be able to take care of your nails easily and anywhere.
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The 5 Best Offline Apps for Travelers

13 Oct 2015

When traveling, how much times have you thought that if you had wifi, your phone would save your life?
To help you, check out the following 5 offline applications to help you anywhere, anytime even without WiFi. Trip saver!
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Essentials to Carry in Your Handbag Whenever You are Traveling

25 Aug 2015

All the beauty and travel essentials you should be aware of to be ready for your next trip or any On-The-Go situation.
Check out our tips and ideas!
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Top 5 Budget-friendly places to visit in summer 2015

04 Aug 2015

The long-awaited summer will offer you the chance to save some money as you choose to visit awesome destinations where the prices are remarkably discounted. Check out the 5 following destinations with some tips to travel cheaper this summer.
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The 3 Travel Essentials of Every Man On-The-Go

26 Jul 2015

The traveling season is here! Check out these tips to travel smarter and more easily this summer.
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5 On-The-Go beauty tricks for the perpetually late

23 Mar 2015

Always late? No time for your full beauty routine? Check out some beauty tips to don't be late ever again!
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How to pack efficiently for the weekend

08 May 2014

Planing on a week end with your friends, family or loved one? To avoid the breakdown of packing, discover some tips to pack you bag fast and efficiently!
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10 Things Every Traveler Needs to Know before Any Trip

10 Mar 2015

Traveling for fun or for business, often or occasionally. Check out 10 things you need to know according to the place you go!
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Glow on the Go: How to Stay Fresh After a Long Flight

18 May 2015

Tips and advises to stay clean and fresh at any condition: after a long day or a long flights, before an important meeting, ... The best way to Glow On-The-Go, anytime, anywhere!
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3 best European weekend destinations to go this spring

01 Mar 2015

The sun is back! It's time to go away for the week end, and enjoy to travel and discover new cities, even for a short period. Discover these 3 recommendations to visit this spring in Europe.
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The 1 dangerous thing you are doing that's damaging your skin

15 May 2015

We all know that sun, dryness can damage the skin. But there is one thing we all do that is also very bad for our skin. Discover it here and how to prevent it!
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