5 On-The-Go beauty tricks for the perpetually late
It is just another busy Monday, when you almost forgot where is the door and you wish there is a magic carpet just taking you out of bed directly to the weekly meeting in your office? Don't worry, you are not alone, but compared to other busy women only a couple of years ago, you are much luckier. With so many smart accessories and beauty apps, your life can be more stress free every day. Here are just 5 tips On-The-Go that will help you enjoy your mornings and swim successfully through the day.
Be ready! Set up your own beauty bag, with all the necessary accessories you need. Focus on essentials, such as a beauty kit or a simple mirror, as you can always buy at the drugstore next door a new mascara, lipstick or concealer.
Be natural! Do you know that the natural look is always in fashion? Don't worry if you do not wear all your make-up. It is important that you brushed your hair and your teeth and you can go. Do you know that you not even need to carry any more big bottles of perfumes whose smell need to be refreshed every couple of hours? Things changed and perfume jewelry is the newest kid in the beauty town. What about checking this beautiful heart perfumed necklace from Flo Accessories, for the beginning?
Moisturing creams rule your skin! Use a moisturing cream. It will help you keep your skin fresh around the day, regardless how much and where you need to run around.
No lipstick for today? So what? Doesn't matter, a small lip balm, preferably with bee way can do wonders and make you look natural and fresh.
Close your eyes and breath deep. 3 minutes every morning should be yours only. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, preferably in the front of the open window and try to get rid of all your busy thoughts. As a daily routine, it will help you to get rid of the stress that most probably accompanies you when checking every point on your agenda.
Changing your life is always up to you! Don't worry, is not difficult, you just have to rediscover  the joy of the simple things in life. It can start with taking these first 5 beauty tricks with you every day! To be continued...