10 Things Every Traveler Needs to Know before Any Trip
Travel is your life and your passion. Either on a business trip or looking to discover a new place, there are a lot of things – we counted till 10 to you - to keep in mind for winning always pleasant memories.
No knives on board. Keep all your dangerous things out of your carry on luggage. Even though you wanted to use it during your cooking classes in Paris!
No high heels in the desert! You will hardly be able to move and walking barefoot through the hot sand is out of question. And you don't want to ruin your trip, isn't it?
Nothing happens during siesta time in Spain. It is that time of the day when no one goes out or does anything else but resting. It saves energy for the late night party!
Avoid wearing hot pants outside Europe or US. In most of the world, especially if you are taking a trip to the countryside, you need to dress in a decent way. The same for heavy makeup. Take the minimal beauty accessorizes in your On-the-Go beauty bag, preferably some discrete perfume atomizer.
When in Russia, never mix vodka. Never. You can be the victim of robbery or even worse. Also, wherever you are, for your own safety, never accept drinks from strangers.
Shaking hands with women is not accepted everywhere. You may consider this custom disgusting and you have the right to do so. But as long as you are just a tourist, try to respect the locals without offending them. After all, you were the one who chosed this destination...
When you see the sign forbidding to take pictures, refrain from taking pictures. For your own good.
In many Asian cultures, spitting in public is considered bad luck and doing so openly on the street is considered a disrespectful gesture. In some places, get ready to pay a fine for that!
Never wear flip flops in religious places in Europe. Your outfit will be simply considered disrespectful to the sanctity of the place.
Never try to take home a wild monkey from Thailand. Forget the cartoons about the Jungle Books, they are not pets and they may bit you of you don't understand their natural love for freedom.
Now, you know more about travel and you have more chances to enjoy your stay. Time to...Ready... Steady...Go!