Glow on the Go:  How to Stay Fresh After a Long Flight
 If you travel regularly, always on the go, then you know how difficult it can be to keep yourself shining and smelling good. That is why it is important to have certain travel accessories in your possession, so you can maintain your beauty. You need to be prepared for the emotional jag, mental boredom, spiritual drain, and physical beating the trip may have in store for you. After a long flight, you want to have your travel bag accommodated with makeup, fragrance products, and other necessities to keep you looking, feeling, and smelling fresh. 
The best thing you can do to keep your beauty intact after a long flight is to give your skin some extra care before leaving to go to the airport. When flying, you may have to deal with air conditioning systems that will dull your makeup, dampening your style and making you look like you don't care about your appearance. In your travel accessories, you should carry a moisturizer, so you can keep your skin soft and moist. Another tip would be to apply some sunscreen to protect you from the sun's rays glaring through the windows of the plane.
In order to feel and smell your best, you should wear only clothing that is 100% cotton or silk when you travel, instead of synthetic fabrics like polyester. This will ensure that you stay fresh  on the go, while on the flight. Cotton is also a lot more comfortable than other fabrics, which have the tendency to make you perspire. Also, to ensure you have adequate comfort, you should avoid wearing tight jeans or belts. Although having beauty and being attractive is nice, it shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the flight.
A few more tips on how to stay fresh after a long flight, would be to drink lots of water, wear lip liner, keep chap stick in your travel accessories, use coconut oil, and apply a post-flight mask, and use a perfume atomizer, which is compatible with all fragrance bottles. These helpful tips will enhance your beauty, make you feel energized and ready to handle life, and give you the edge to smell your best when you are on the go.