3 of the modern woman’s most important on-the-go beauty accessories



The life of the modern woman is fast-paced and on-the-go.

In order to maintain style and grace, you need beauty products that are convenient to use and can keep up with your schedule.

It can be hard to find commute-friendly products, especially when you never even thought to look for them.  

Here are 3 beauty accessories that are superstars when it comes to on-the-go maintenance:



1. On the Go Manicure Kit


All modern women know the confidence well maintained fingers and toes can endow.

Luckily, travel-sized manicure kits are pretty good nowadays.  Easily stored in purses, a compact and complete manicure kit is perfect for grooming while in transit.

They come in all shapes and sizes.  All kits include the essentials such as nail clippers and files.  But in the twenty first century, some have a bit more to offer for the lady who really likes her look her best.

Self-manicuring does take a bit of skill and experience to do learn.  But once you have it down, the train, the bus, the airport terminal all become your personal salon.


2. Mini Hair Dryer


Whether you’re traveling overnight for business or embarking on your daily commute, a hair dryer is something you don’t ever want to be without.

A portable hair dryer allows the option to style your hair wherever and whenever you want.  This provides insurance that simply wasn’t available to women of decades’ past.

Now, you really have no excuse to get caught with wet or messed up hair and no way to fix it.

Your own travel-sized hair dryer: portable, affordable, and convenient—the perfect way to safeguard against unwanted hair problems and style yourself on-the-go.


3.  Perfume Atomizer


In an industry where the tools don’t change much, perfume atomizers are one of the few products that really seem “new”.

You can now carry your favorite fragrance in an inconspicuous container and take it wherever you go.  This allows you to freshen up at a moment’s notice.

One of the best kept secrets of some of the busiest women, atomizers have been around for over 10 years, though they are new to many.