3 Hair Accessories you didn’t know about


There are so many different hair accessories out there today it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Every girl has the must-haves down.  But with all the options, there are probably some useful hair accessories that you aren’t familiar with.

Here are three unique hair accessories that more women should add to their arsenal.


1. Hair Sticks

It’s easy to get stuck in the same old hair routine with the same faithful accessories: barrettes, ties, and scrunchies.


If you’re looking for something unique, hair sticks can add that extra bit of style to complete your look.  Too often forgotten about, hair sticks may actually be the original hair accessory.

Dating back to ancient civilizations all across the globe, hair sticks have been discovered in China, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and Japan.  They have also shown up in Renaissance Italy, as well as ancient Incan and Aztec empires.

Needless to say, hair sticks are both versatile and seemingly timeless.  When used correctly, hair sticks can be a chic and elegant way to secure your hair in any number of styles. They also come in a wide variety of materials, such as wood or gold.

You don’t even have to use a hair stick made specifically for hair, anything in a similar shape will work. Pencils and chopsticks are popular substitutes.



2. Metallic Hair Tattoo


Yes, you read that right. You can now find temporary metal tattoos—for your hair.

Welcome to the future.


It’s not quite flying cars and hoverboards, but you’ve got to admit the concept of a hair tattoo is rather innovative.


Hair tattoos can be the ultimate fashion accessory for your hair, available in a wide variety of designs and styles.  Growing in popularity, you can now find them in places such as Target or Walgreens.


They are surprisingly easy to apply.  The application process is almost identical to the process used to apply temporary tattoos to skin.  And just like temporary skin tattoos, all you have to do is wash (or brush) your hair to remove them.



3. Compact Hair Tools

On-the-go lifestyles can be demanding,

When you’re short on time with a long list of things to do, every extra bit counts.

Modern compact hair tools can help you save time and energy, without sacrificing your appearance.  Some of these give you the ability to sidestep the morning routine and make up for it while travelling.

Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to make appliances compact without losing power.  This means that items such as mini hair straighteners and mini hair dryers are now a convenient reality.

Made for on-the-go use and travel-ready portability, these items can fit in almost any luggage or handbag.  If you live an on-the-go lifestyle, compact hair tools can really be a game changer for you.




Beauty companies are constantly developing new products designed to make us more beautiful or our lives easier.  Needless to say, there will always be new hair accessories coming out for both purposes.

Eventually, the best ones turn into mainstays for every woman.  But find the right ones first and you might just become a trendsetter in all of your circles.  At the very least, hair care will continue to become more convenient for you.