The 1 dangerous thing you are doing that's damaging your skin
After the long winter months, everyone tends to look forward to the summer weather and getting some nice warm sun onto our skin. However, as nice as that always is, there are a few things to think about in your beauty routine to avoid problems. 
Most of us are already aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure, and using sunscreen is a normal part of daily routines, but how many of us think about what the sun does to our other beauty products? If you are planning a vacation trip this year, before you travel, it is worth remembering that perfumes can cause issues when applied in the sun. Remember, sun exposure is not restricted to the traditional ‘sunny weather’, it can happen wherever you are in the world and any time of the year, even just sitting having a coffee at a sidewalk café. 
There are a number of things that can go wrong when using perfume with sun exposed skin, due to the psoralen that is commonly found in them. Citrus perfumes tend to have higher concentrations of it, and when applied to sun exposed skin this can cause skin discoloration as it reacts with the sun, and further skin irritation that can be a real issue as you travel.
As with all advice about sun exposure, keeping out of direct sunlight and using plenty of sunscreen, as well as UV screened clothing will always help look after your skin. For perfume though, it is best to avoid spraying directly onto the skin if possible, to minimize the risk of that discoloration or irritation. Whatever the weather or wherever you are, blotchy skin or a rash in never a good look, and if it can be avoided, it is wise to take steps to do so.
Of course, even accounting for the issues of sun exposure, no one wants to stop wearing their favorite scent, but luckily there are some alternatives. One of the most innovative is a range of perfume jewelry, like Flo Accessories offers. This range of jewelry provides a great way of combatting the problems of sun exposure. By containing the perfume inside the jewelry rather than on the skin, the issues of discoloration and irritation can be bypassed completely, which certainly takes the worry out of using perfume out in the sun. 
Be aware of the issues that sun exposure and perfume combined can cause, and have a safe and fabulous time wherever you are without worrying about the sun.