More Preparation Less Distraction!

Making your Mornings Less stressful and more Successful



Some people wake up energized, ready to jump out of bed and take on the day. That must be nice.

For everyone else, getting out the door on time in the morning can be a difficult and daunting task.  Still, normal people can create a smooth morning routine that makes in the early hours a little more tolerable (and productive!).

Prepare yourself for success, then execute with single-minded focus.  As drab as this may sound, consistent practice can seriously cut down your morning stress-factor.


These simple, yet powerful tips can make all the difference in how your morning starts and how your day follows:


Avoid Your Phone


It’s easy to get distracted by social pings in the morning.   As soon as your alarm stops the notifications start coming in.

But checking email and or social media first thing in the morning is a huge waste of time.  It may not seem like it but in the morning, a few minutes here and there add up.

Just try it!  Go without your phone for the first part of the morning and see how much more efficient you can be.

If the idea of not having your phone with you induces anxiety, try listening to a pre-made playlist of music or podcasts while you get ready.



Get Fresh BEFORE Bed


Spend time on personal hygiene before going to bed.

Shower the night before and then take steps to preserve your flow.  Believe it or not, you’ll wake up the next day feeling more refreshed.  Taking a warm shower before bed has been shown to help you sleep better, faster.

Wrap your damp hair into a bun or put into loose braids for the night for a ready-to-go hairstyle tomorrow.  A quick wash of your face in the morning and you’re ready to go.

You might be surprised how much time this saves in the morning.  Many also find that they prefer it.

And even if you’re one of those people who absolutely has to bathe in the morning, there is still more preparation that can be done.


Play the Role of Stylist the Night Before


It can be hard to think straight when you’ve just awoken.

It’s amazing that people made it to work with pants on before the invention of home brewed coffee.  Nowadays, we’ve got the caffeine, but we’ve also got a hyper-pressure work culture where it seems like you’re always on stage.

Set yourself up for success by laying out your outfit the night before.

This gives you time to think and design your outfit rather than throwing it together while you’re still rubbing the Sandman’s dust from your eye.  The results are better wardrobe choices, a faster morning routine, and less stress.

Pro Tip: Fill your closet with hangers draping fully assembled outfits.  This will eliminate time spent making choices and looking for specific items.


Essentials Always Ready


In the 21st century, our work follows us home too often.

Gather your laptop, assorted chargers, beauty kit, and other essentials ahead of time so that you can avoid the chaos of running around to collect everything last-minute.

Take the same approach towards your meals for the day.  Pre-plan breakfast and pre-pack lunch.  This also ensures you are not skipping any meals and lowers the amount you spend on food weekly.


Having your daily essentials ready to go not only helps you save time in the morning: it helps you have a less stress, more productive day overall.



Not everyone is born a morning person.  But we all know your morning sets the tone for your day.

So take control of yours with less distraction and more preparation.