5 Must-Have Beauty Accessories To Carry In Your Handbag



A woman out and about must be prepared for all occasions; you never know when a nail may chip or break or a sudden tornado may whip your hair into an impression of a scene from "Twister". The day can take its toll in unexpected ways sometimes.

Obviously everything in the handbag is "essential" - otherwise it wouldn't be there, would it? But maybe some things are more essential than others. So, what are the real "must-have" beauty accessories to carry in your handbag or purse?


1- Nail File

Chances are you've chipped or broken a nail in the past, and surprise, surprise - not one of your friends has a nail file either. Become the hero of the group with your very own nail file. An optional extra would be to include a clear nail polish as a protective top coat.


2- Lipstick

Obvious really. Who leaves home without it? But if you are really short on space, why not try a lip and cheek stain. One beauty accessory that can cover two jobs - perfect!


3- Face Powder

A subtle finishing powder will be great for controlling excessive "shine".


4- Mirror

We know who the fairest is, don't we - but we still like the mirror to tell us - constantly. And you can even get cute little mirrors with built-in lighting!


5- Tissues

The universal blotter for the face - and not bad for spilled coffee too. And a few cotton buds, though not so good on the drink spills, can also help with those essential running repairs.



If you like your bag to be discreet and not looked like it's been stuffed with a box of frogs, you want to buy some small, travel items like those sold by FLO Accessories. It's a good way to pack those must-have beauty accessories into a small space. And then you're ready to face whatever the world throws at you.