5 Accessories That Every Man Should Have


Men probably don't think about "accessories" as much as women, but these five categories are some of the most common for men to wear or use.


1 - Watches

A watch is one accessory that almost all men wear, despite that fact that many people tell the time using their phones. Men's watches are functional, but beautiful pieces of machinery. They are really pieces of jewelry for a lot of men. There are types of watches of for all occasions, from functional sportswear to elegant evening wear. Unless you can afford James Bond's watch, you may well want at least two watches to meet your needs.


2 - Perfume

Every man needs to smell good, and it's great to be able to top up your favorite fragrance later in the day if you're going out straight after work. You can get a really high quality handy atomizer from FLO Accessories - this is something that will fit very easily into a bag or even a jacket pocket. And if you cycle or walk to work, this is also a very useful idea to help you freshen up after the journey.



3 - Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just to keep the sun out of your eyes. They are a really practical accessory for everyone, and help to create a particular mood or look, regardless of how the wearer is feeling.

Look cool with a hangover - how great is that?



4 - Bags

Everyone has a bag of some kind. As a man's fashion accessory, a smart bag can make a real different to someone's look. Backpacks and messenger bags are in use by millions every day, but often look plastic and cheap. To improve the look, it's a good idea to look for bags with the classic materials - canvas and leather.

These make perfect men's accessories because they can fit with many different situations, and are practical at the same time.



5 - Wallets

All the big fashion houses produce their version of the man's wallet.

The "designer wallet" is often made in leather; again it's a case of using a classic material that fits with almost anything else. They come in a great range of sizes, from simple business-card holders, to something close to a purse.



Men may not always think in terms of "accessories", but when they do want to find a little something to complete a stylish look, there is a huge amount of choice out there.