The Best Extreme Activities To Do This Season


You want extreme? Here are some ideas for extreme activities to try out. Some of these will require travelling to find a good spot for the sport:



Not usually available in Europe; but you can certainly try it in North America and elsewhere. Best if you're an experienced skier, as the usual idea is to get dropped off pretty high up on virgin snow.



Canyon Swinglining

If you've done bungee-jumping, then the swingline is the obvious choice for your next extreme activity. You'll find this on offer in New Zealand - a place where they seem to enjoy jumping off things all the time.




Instead of using the old coastal path, why not go out to the edge - make your way along the waterline. A bit slower, and a bit wetter - but lots of fun!




Did someone say cheese? The words "cheese" and "extreme" don't often get into the same sentence, let alone the same article. It originated in the south-west of England; the biggest competition is held in Gloucestershire every year. It is not uncommon for people to end up with broken bones; and all they're doing is chasing a cheese down a hill. It is a very steep hill though.



Sand Yachting

Yachts without water - sounds nice and safe, right? But like the wet version, once the wind gets up, your speed goes up, and things can turn pear-shaped very quickly. Sand yachts are like wind-powered go-karts, but a lot less predictable. All adds to the fun, and the "extremeness", if that's a word...


Hopefully these few examples will get some ideas going, and get you looking for new things to do and places to go.

Don't forget to plan your packing carefully for your extreme activity holiday. If you need to make more space for your extreme equipment, you could shop for some space-saving travel accessories. There are some nice ones made by a company called Flo, who make good quality stuff which is airline-friendly. Pack sensibly, and just get out there and get extremely active!