The Best Beauty Accessories To Go Back To Work!


Getting back to work after the holidays can be a real struggle, and it's not just the jet lag. You can help to fix the time zone with a sleep mask, but this won't cure the "social jet lag", or repair the damage done by sun, wind, red wine, caffeine, etc...


So, what to take to work in your bag of tricks? What accessories will help you show a decent face to the world? If all else fails, grab the hat and sunglasses (also known as "a disguise") - but check these ideas out first:




Face powder



Hand cream


Mouth wash

Dry shampoo

Eye drops

Peppermint tea


Most of these are pretty obvious, and in daily use anyway. The ravages of wind and sun might mean a bit more repair work is required for the first day or two after a a holiday. It may look like a lot of stuff to carry, but you can easily find more compact versions, like the lighted travel mirror you can get from FLO Accessories.

The mouth wash and dry shampoo are emergency measures - really handy if you're going to work straight from the airport.

Peppermint tea is great to re-balance your digestion - holiday food is often more salty than you're used to. Drink plenty of fluids, and use non-caffeine drinks like the peppermint tea to help.


You might feel uncomfortable or even a bit claustrophobic having to be stuck in a gloomy office all day so soon after spending days on end in the fresh air.

Try and nip outside for a quick walk, even for a few minutes. Twenty minutes outside is more daylight than most offices get during the whole working day.


Once you're suitably equipped with the best beauty accessories, getting back to work won't feel quite so daunting!