Planning On A Sporty Weekend? 5 Tips To Stay Organized



So the time has finally come for you to pack up your things, and head out on the road for a weekend filled with some good old-fashioned sporting activities. You have the entire weekend to unplug from your work, and enjoy some free time with your friends and family. The only problem? An unorganized trip can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are 5 tips to help you stay organized on your sporty weekend.



1. Pack Everything The Night Before

There is nothing worse than leaving your home, just to find out that you left an important item behind. To avoid this problem, simply pack up every single item you will need over the weekend the night before, so you are not rushing around like headless chickens in the morning.


2. Don’t Forget Your Favorite Fragrance

Sometimes a shower just isn’t enough, especially if you are planning on hitting the town in the evening. In order to make sure you smell your best at all times, even when on the road, you can pick up a Perfume Atomizer, which will allow you to carry your favorite fragrance with you, in a small convenient container.



3. Purchase A Bicycle Rack

If your plan is to have as much fun as possible, while taking part in as many sporting activities as possible, then you can’t look past cycling. The majority of people own bicycles, but they do not get the chance to take them on their weekend getaways because of their unusual shape and size. Purchasing a bicycle rack for your car will allow you to take your bicycle with you on your sporty weekend, without having to worry about taking up space.


4. Make Use Of Auto Responders And Voice Mail

You don’t want to simply ignore the rest of the world while you are off having the time of your life, but you don’t want to be distracted either. The solution is simple: All email providers will allow you to setup an email auto responder, which will reply with a pre-written response, letting the person know that you are out of town and you will contact them on Monday. The same principle can apply to your voice mail. Simply change it to the same message, and encourage your callers to leave their messages for you to respond to at a later date.

5. Take Travel Friendly Accessories

While it’s true that the majority of accommodation will supply all of the required electrical accessories that we can’t live without, sometimes they don’t. Eliminate the risk of being stranded with crazy, out-of-control hair, or having to head out into the town with a rough looking 5 o’clock shadow. You can pick up travel-sized accessories such as hair straighteners and beard trimmers, which take up little space, and are generally inexpensive. Chances are, if you are heading out on a sporty weekend, camping could be your accommodation of choice. If so, you need to make sure your trusty appliance is battery powered.