5 Summer Perfume Trends



Summertime is when relaxing or at least thinking about relaxing while at work is a top priority. This summer there are a few trends that are a must for all of those wanting to smell like sweet, sweet summertime.


1. Tropical Paradise

Beach, beach, beach! Summer 2016 is all about getting to as close to sandy beaches as possible. Adding a hit of tropical paradise scent just before heading to work will take you to a beach chair in the Bahamas. Tropical perfumes like coconut, lime, and pineapple are all part of making summer 2016 a 'scent'-sation!


2. Sandy Sunsets

If your go-to perfume is more 'warm' scented than 'cool', this trend for Summer 2016 is for you! Traces of amber, myrrh, and sandalwood blend together for a fragrance perfect for warm, summer sunsets. Relaxing is a number one priority during summer 2016 so why not add a warm, relaxing scent to your beach bag this summer!


3. Summer of...Nostalgia

Summer is an excellent time to look back at your childhood memories; road trips, pool parties with friends, or ice cream at the mall. A hot trend for Summer 2016 is going nostalgia too.  Grown-up versions of childhood favorites like cotton candy and sweet pea are back in. While it’s not possible to turn back time to those carefree days, it is possible to be reminded of them with a quick scent.


4. Blooming Summers

While some ladies try to smell like a beautiful, blooming flower, Summer 2016 is taking on this trend stronger than ever. Fresh, cool and sweet scents are taking you to a meadow of flowers this summer. Staying cool inside is a must, but this blooming flower scent for Summer 2016 will keep your mind outside all day long.


5. Tans and Roses

Florals are in, but roses are 'really' in! While getting your tan on, rose scents are the biggest trend for Summer 2016. Roses are typically a high-end perfume that spreads the scent of royalty; Summer 2016 is bound to be full of 'royally' tan beauties. The fresh and unique fragrance of roses will keep you cool this summer.


*Beauty tip: Using a piece of perfume jewelry can really help you stay smelling great all summer long!



These summer fragrances are a hit and will keep the scents of summer on you even if you aren't at the beach. When getting a perfume for Summer 2016, remember these hot trends for the summer that will keep you feeling relaxed and like the sandy shores of your favorite beach.