5 Must-haves Beauty Accessories to Bring to a Wedding



Summers are for relaxing by the pool, taking tropical vacations, and weddings! Summer weddings can be hot, long, rainy or stunning; either way, there are some beauty must-haves that everyone needs to keep looking as beautiful as the bride.



1. Fashion Tape

Summer weddings usually call for sundresses if it's an informal wedding. Sundresses can sometimes pose a wardrobe malfunction risk. Diminish the risk of being too risque at your friends' wedding with fashion tape. You never know what will happen when you break out your sweet dance moves. Ensure that you won't steal the show from the bride with your own show with fashion tape.



2. Cooling/ Sweat Wipes

It's summertime and no matter where you are; it's hot! If the bride is nice to her guests, the wedding will be inside, if not, you are going to be sweating...a lot. Keep cool and fresh with cooling/ sweat wipes in your purse. A quick wipe down will get rid of any sweat and leave you looking fabulous. With cooling/ sweat wipes you will be free to dance the night away without worrying about getting too hot and sweaty.



3. Extra Hair Pins

Having your hair done for a wedding will allow you not only to look fantastic but feel beautiful too. Don't let a summer wedding reception ruin your amazing updo in a matter of minutes. Having extra hair pins allows you to hold back any stray hairs that may get into your way. You will also make new friends if you have extra hair pins, everyone needs them but always forgets them.




4. Nail File

Even if you aren't the bride, people will be looking at your nails and hands. Keep your nails looking great with a nail file. Chips can happen at any time, and a nail file will be there to keep them looking great! Just like hair pins, everyone is looking for nail files at the last minute so you will be the go-to person at your next wedding with a nail fail in hand.



5. Mints

A big part of weddings is talking to friends, families, and other guests. Dinner at weddings may not always be the friendliest to your breath so always be prepared with breath mints. Gum, hard mints or whatever are useful and will be a lifesaver when the last slow dance comes on during the reception. Brides want to be perfect for their wedding day, and you can be there for the blushing bride with a mint on her special day.



Weddings are an exciting day and summer weddings are always beautiful. Before embarking on a great day of wedding bliss, make sure you are prepared for any and all mishaps that may happen along the way.