7 Tips to Stay Fit Before the Holidays


We all know that with the build up to summer you want to look your best, but it can be hard to balance achieving your body goals with other commitments in your life. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top 7 tips that any on-the-go woman or men can easily implement into their routine!


1)     Wake up earlier and exercise in the morning: Although it may seem daunting at first to wake up before you are used to, after a short amount of time (usually a week), your body will naturally readjust to your new sleeping schedule. The added benefit of working out in the morning before work is that it not only will help you to lose weight and get fit for the summer, but it will also increase your focus and wakefulness at work for the day.


2)     Focus on your nutrition: Another often overlooked tip is to cut down on snacking on junk food throughout the day, swapping sugars and saturated fats for healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits. These will keep you fuller for longer and minimize snacking in between meals, as well as releasing energy throughout the day rather than in short bursts.



3)     High intensity training: If it’s only a few weeks until your holiday and you want to see results fast, we recommend high intensity training. Routines such as circuit training will deliver results much faster than simply jogging, allowing you to look great for summer, even if you’ve left it a little late!



4)     Find a partner: It can be difficult, especially when you’re starting out, to stick to a routine. That’s why it can be important for some people to find a partner to train with. Most people have co-workers, family members or friends that are also looking to get fit, and they can be very helpful for motivation and accountability.



5)     Track it on an app: Similar to a having a partner, there are plenty of apps available on your phone that can help you keep track of, and motivate your fitness goals. These apps can allow you insights into your training that might otherwise be impossible to keep track of as an on-the-go busy professional.



6)     Remember it isn’t all about the looks: Although how you look can be important when looking for love on holidays, how you smell is also very important to the opposite sex. Whereas your dream body can seem a daunting task, you can smell great to the opposite sex by simply using a perfume atomizer and your favorite perfume to top up on-the-go!



7)     Look for interesting classes: You may be dissuaded from going to the gym for fear of boredom of the same exercises week in week out. That’s why we recommend taking a look to see the different exercise classes put on by your gym; these can inject a new fun into your routine and get you excited to go after work!