Going to the Gym? Top accessories to put in your bag


Workout day is here. You grab your gym bag, make your way to the gym, pumped up for the upcoming workout, only to realize that you forgot something you need to use before, during or after your workout. Don't be too hard on yourself, it happened to everybody.

People rarely consider the before, during, and after aspects of the workout. By having items that never leave your bag, you will be two steps ahead. Here are some helpful tips to pack that perfect gym bag! 




1.      Consider “the before” - Think about what you need in order to begin your workout:


•       Bring a good pair of sneakers and keep them in your bag for workouts only. Any brand will do as long as they are comfortable and fit well.



•       If you have long hair, do not forget to bring a hair tie. It may be best to place an entire package of them in your gym bag specifically. That way, you always have one ready to go! 





2.      Consider “the during” - There are some items you want to make sure are in your bag to carry you through your workout:


•       Headphones (and a device with great workout tunes) - You may want to invest in a separate music player and a pair of headphones just for your workout, so you can keep it in your bag all the time and never forget it.


•       Water - Always bring a water bottle with you. You do not even have to fill it beforehand, so you do not leave it anywhere. Leave the empty bottle in your bag after the workout and you will never forget it again.





3.      Consider “the after” - Placing convenient, on-the-go items in your bag, will help you get back to your day feeling nice and fresh.


•        Deodorant - Buy an extra full size of your preferred deodorant, or for a lighter one, carry a travel size container to keep specifically in your bag.


•       Perfume - Even after a shower, you want to smell your best. A big bottle can break and may be uncomfortable to carry around. Try a Perfume Atomizer from Flo Accessories. You can put in your favourite perfume and take it with you, without worrying it may break or get spilled in your bag.

Adding these items to your gym bag makes it easier when you go to the gym. Keeping these items handy is a smart way to work out!