5 Best Destinations To Go In 2016


As the travel industry becomes a multi-trillion dollar industry, and the world's largest, following a recommendation of top five destinations for travelers. We'll begin with the United States and then spread out to the Indian Ocean and beyond, so please fasten your seat belts, and let's travel!


1- Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the surrounding Pigeon Forge region, take our number one spot if you're interested in seeing an American display that compares to no other. Both cities, within the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains, make no hesitation in laying claim to the number and quality of their attractions.

Horseback riding, cycling, mountain championship golf courses and rustic camping in three different campgrounds, make Gatlinburg a choice destination for millions of travelers each year.

If nature is not your particular interest, then get ready for one of America's foremost and most recent theme parks--Dollywood. Perhaps you'll enjoy touching a real, live iceberg on a life-like display of the HMS Titanic. 

Whatever kind of entertainment you prefer, Broadway, country, gospel or rock and roll, you'll find it in any one of over 20 performance shows daily.


2- The Florida Keys

Miles and more miles of safe highway travel over the world renown Seven Miles Bridge, and into the final and most famous key of all, pristine Key West, make this a trip of a lifetime for travelers the world over. Don't forget your bathing suit and sunglasses.


3- Mauritius

Regally located, Mauritius is undisputedly a playground for both the rich and famous--and lesser known travelers as well. Known as the Crown Jewel of the Indian Ocean, it is small in size but mighty in natural, rich resources. 

Visitors especially enjoy the European influences as they take in the Champs de Mars horse track, the colonial Eureka plantation and the magnificent 18 century botanical gardens.


4- The Azores

The Azores consistently rank high for sustainable initiatives. The culture, ecological trends, tourist-oriented environment, business development and renewable energy programs, make the Azores well-known to world travelers and investors as well.

5- The Canary Islands

It's rich, historical tradition makes this one of the most idyllic and iconic spots to world travelers for the last several hundred years.

A volcanic archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa, this former Spanish crown colony offers among other things, black and white sandy beaches, varied resorts, night life club entertainment and a balmy climate--all through the year.


Travel tips:
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