Best Beauty Gestures to Adopt This Spring


When the leaves start budding on the trees and the last snowfall clears, it is clear to see that spring is on its way. Spring welcomes blossoming flowers, a ton of rainfall and for ladies, springtime means spring fashion! It's time to switch out of those dark hues of the fall and winter seasons. Bright pinks, pastels and fluorescent colors are the main trademarks for the season. To stay in line with the trends and put your best foot forward, adopt some of the beauty gestures for the spring season. 


1. Hot Pink

Pink is an ultra feminine and girly color to wear, but it's so appropriate for the springtime. Instead of wearing the regular nude lip-gloss to work, try a hot pink lipstick instead. Since it is such a strong pop of color, tone down the rest of the face to balance it out. Wear a clean button up top, a classic pair of khakis, a great pair of heels and a classic trench coat for a perfect spring look. If colorful lipstick isn't your style, try a hot pink pop on the nails. Add two coats and finish it off with a good top coat. 




2. Floral Perfumes 

Many women enjoying switching out their perfumes based on the season. During the fall, woodsy scents are more appropriate. During the spring, look for perfumes that contain fresh notes or floral notes like orange blossoms, peonies or bergamot, and citrus oils. If you struggle to get perfumes to last for a long time on your skin, FLO Perfume Jewelry is the perfect solution. FLO perfume jewelry is a lifesaver because the concept is simple. Placed inside of the necklace is a slow release capsule. When you spray your own perfume on the capsule, it slowly diffuses the scent throughout the day. If the scent begins to fade, all you need to do is respray it. What makes this even more helpful is that the scent will last up to seven days. So, you can walk around smelling amazing without reapplying perfume for an entire week! 


3. Floral Nail Appliqués

A growing trend in the nail care industry is the nail appliqué. They last just as long as gel nails do and they don't require a visit to the nail salon. The nail appliqué technology is really cool now because it can fit directly to the shape of any nail bed. It is virtually impossible to detect that the nails aren't professionally applied and they only require nail polish remover for adequate removal. Many of the nail appliqués come in bold prints like florals as well as single colors. There's even a French manicure option. 

These are just three simple ways to infuse a little springtime into your beauty regimen to enhance your appearance and reflect the glorious new season!