Busy Women? 10 Tips to Survive


Are you stressed out by everyday life? You are not alone. There are many people who just cannot seem to get everything done in a day's time. If you're busy women, you know about juggling the routine all too well. Here are some tips that can make your day and your life easier. 

1. Prepare The Night Before

Before the morning rush, make sure that your clothes are all laid out and ready to go. Make sure to lay out shoes and everything down to the smallest detail. It will pay off the next day. 

2. Draw Boundaries between Home and Work

Don't allow the job to interfere with your family and friends, and don't allow your family and friends to interfere with your work time. Keeping them separate will allow you to have a healthy balance. 



3. Keep Lists

Unless your super woman, there's no way that you can do everything. Keep a list with you of things that need to be done. You will thank yourself later. 

4. Organize Your Day

Organizing the day can be hard. Make sure you write down everything that needs to be done in that day and cross it off when you have accomplished it. This is a great way to help keep you on track at the office too. 

5. Learn to Say No

It is so hard for a busy woman to say no to the world. Someone always help here or there. Learning to say no is the best thing you will ever do. Don't bite off more than you can chew!

6. Be Flexible

Some women make a schedule and are such a die hard about it that they panic if anything goes off task. Life is never going to stay on task. Remembering to be flexible and roll with the punches will help. 

7. Have A Routine

The best thing you can do as a busy working woman is to keep yourself on a routine. A clearly defined schedule is good for the body and keeps you in sync. Make sure to have a routine bedtime and time you awaken. Those rules are always made to be broken, but having a set schedule will keep you on track. 

8. Schedule Family Time

For the busy working woman who happens to be a mother or a wife, it can be hard to juggle all of the irons you have in the fire. Even if you don't have your own family yet, make time for brothers, sisters and your mom and dad. It will make you feel good and they will enjoy your company. 

9. Make Time For Friends

Sure, you're busy and you have deadlines at work that are pressing. However, don't forget about your best friend that you've had since kindergarten. Sometimes, a night out and a drink with the girls can do wonders for your spirits. Even if it is just an hour a week, chisel out sometime for friends. 

10. Take Time For Yourself

Even if all you have time for is a bubble bath, make sure you some time to unwind in the evening. Have a glass of wine and spritz yourself with your favorite scent in your perfume atomizer. Now, you have to get ready to tackle it again tomorrow. You work hard, so you deserve a few minutes just for you.