Tips to ensure you Secure your Luggage after Check-in


Losing your luggage after depositing it to check-in area of the airport is one of the most frustrating things you can face as a traveler. Making the processes of security check smooth is one way of ensuring you get your luggage back after check-in. The following are some tips you should know as a traveler to ensure a smooth security check and prevent the loss of your valuables in the airport.


Label Your Suitcase with Unique and Identifiable Marks

It is possible to find over ten similar suitcases on the other end of the checkpoint after you have cleared your luggage. This is bound to cause a lot of confusion as you try to find your bag among the many bags. Make your suitcase stand out from the rest and in this way, no one will confuse it with other travelers’ luggage. You can do this by putting visible identifiable marks: colorful stickers, visible ribbons for example.



Purchase an Approved Lock by Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

As soon as you deposit your bag to the check-in area, it is vulnerable to tampering if you do not lock it appropriately. Flo Accessories recommends using an approved lock by TSA, it is the best way to protect your luggage. The TSA can do random check to any luggage whenever they need to do so, and they can certainly repossess the approved locks and substitute them once they complete the searches. Furthermore, security can remove other locks without your permission, which might damage the lock or luggage, hence exposing it.


Wrap Your Luggage

Since a number of major airports have service stations to help travelers wrap their luggage, like Secure Wrap, ensure you utilize this service to drown your worries of losing your valuables. Every check-in area usually has strategically placed luggage-wrapping machines. You can easily pay the machine and it will eject a hardwearing plastic that you can use to wrap your baggage. However, you should know that TSA have the right to cut through the wrapping in case an agent wishes to open your luggage.


Ask for a Fragile Sticker

Even though several airlines advice travelers to avoid checking fragile or delicate stuffs, you can try this tip for some extra protection of your luggage. Simply request the attendants for a “fragile” sticker and affix it to your luggage once you check in. To some extent, it can work perfectly to protect them as luggage handlers can think twice before throwing it with other traveler luggage hurriedly and randomly.