The Best Nail Tools for Every Traveler On-The-Go


Getting your fingernails or toenails in tip-top shape while travelling requires some great grooming tools. In many occasions, travelers can forget their nails or simply neglect them while they are busy traveling around different parts of the world. Packing the right tools can help you save some money that you can use for other expenses when you need it away from home. The following nail tools qualify as the perfect manicure or pedicure tools for every traveler on the go!


Four-Way Buffing Block

When it comes to giving your nails a beautifully natural shine, the Four-Way Buffer is designed to shape, buff and smoothen your natural nails in four simple steps: file nail edge, remove ridges, smooth nail, and finally shine nail. You can easily follow the numbers on the block to produce the ultimate high-gloss natural or acrylic nails. This nail tool is small enough to squeeze it in your luggage since it does not consume too much space. It is also portable enough to carry it in a small bag, quick and simple to use, and can preserve your nails in its best condition regardless of your location.


Nail Clippers

Even though some airlines may seem strict when they find travelers with sharp objects in their luggage, such as nail clippers, it turns out that such rules vary depending on the airline and your destination. Otherwise, never abandon your nail clippers when travelling because you will definitely need them especially if you are on a long vacation abroad. Be creative and fix the nail clipper on your key chain as it comes in handy from time to time. A typical nail clipper has improved cutting force, along with special polishing technology to guarantee the perfect and easy nail trimming. You can either have a small or large one depending on the size of your nails.


Crystal Nail File

Since Flo Accessories always desires that travelers get the best of their travelling experience with comfort and class, their Crystal Nail File is a traveler’s companion that you must never leave behind. The design complements its portability while traveling. It has rounded tips that guarantees flight safety and can easily pass through airport security. Its protective compact case matches it perfectly and you can reuse it as many times as you wish with proper hygiene. With two sizes, regular or mini, you will be lost for choice!


Nail Serum

When it comes to nail hygiene, you need a clinically tested anti-fungal serum; it clears all unpleasant nail problems when you are traveling. Even though many travelers rarely talk about it, taking care of nail issues while roaming and backpacking can make one irritant at all times. The remedy is the unscented, non-irritating prescription that targets your nail problems quickly for the intention of making your trips stress-free and comfortable.