The 5 Best Offline Apps for Travelers


In the world today, travelers have constantly revealed their desire for apps that can work independently and internationally without Internet connection. Fortunately, several travel apps that do not require data connection exist. You can sync them while on a Wi-Fi connection and use them later in offline mode while you are on the go. The following five apps can make you enjoy your experience while travelling abroad and cut down data roaming charges.


Google Maps

When it comes to offline functionalities, Google Maps has a checkered history, with its latest version having the ability to save unlimited maps for later use. Even though you cannot access directions for new routes without Internet connection, at least Google Maps can load the saved destinations and show your current location as well. Since GPS does not depend on Internet connection, the magic blue dot representing your location will constantly reveal itself. Therefore, to access the maps while in offline mode, you must first save them when you are connected.


City Maps 2Go

This essential app can hold full maps with details covering several cities, regions, and islands globally. Whether you want to find hotels, ATMs, monuments, sights, cafés, or gas stations, the map will navigate to these locations effortlessly. Furthermore, it has other offline features, such as address searches and allows you to access Wikipedia details about various villages and sights, making it work like a virtual tour guide. However, you will need the Internet to download maps for various destinations, but once done, you can access them offline while sightseeing.


XE Currency

This app is a long-time favorite for performing quick and easy currency conversions. It allows you to add the currencies you require and sync them for later use wherever you go. It promptly converts the chosen currency to the rest that you have saved, making it suitable during shopping, ATM withdrawals, when calculating the cost of meals, and other related transaction made by most travelers abroad. Generally, it helps travelers manage their finances appropriately and ensures they get reasonable exchange rates to save costs. It also saves the latest rates used so you can match them with the rest later.



This attractively created app works as the most sophisticated solution for accessing itinerary on the go. TripIt can keep track of your email updates, including flights and hotel bookings. You can also manually forward your confirmations consistent with your preferences, and the app will periodically sync the most recent updates every time you have an Internet connection. It stores many travel essentials, such as flights, hotels, car hires and others in one place, while the service automatically develops an in-depth itinerary for the travelers.


Bing Translator

Traveling in a foreign country speaking a language you do not understand can frustrate you. Bing Translator works as the solution for translating texts, signage, and menus, but you have to download the free “language pack” containing information about the foreign language. All you need to do is framing the text with the phone camera and the app will automatically translates it. Alternatively, you can use your voice or phone keyboard to input expressions. However, you will need Internet connection while translating from text to speech.


Travelling with the above offline apps, regardless of your destination, brings the world closer to you even without Internet connection. It is also worth noting that extensive use of GPS exhausts battery life quickly, but not as compared to data connection.