Is it secure to pay on the website?
Absolutely, when you order a product on FLO Accessories website, you have the possibility to pay Via Paypal or Credit Card. Both are totally safe and secured.
After ordering, how soon will I receive my products?
When ordering on   you have 2 shipping options: regular shipping or express shipping.
For regular shipping, you will receive your products between 9 to 15 business days.
If you choose the express shipping option, you will receive your order between 3 to 5 business days.
How to clean my FLO Perfume Atomizer properly?
The best way to wash your FLO Perfume atomizer is to fill it with cleaning alcohol and spray the alcohol out. Then rinse with hot water before use.
You can also fill it with water and spray the water out. Repeat it a few times until the whole system is clean and fill it with the new perfume.
Can I use my FLO Atomizer with any perfume bottle?
Yes! FLO Perfume Atomizer is the only Perfume Atomizer that fits EVERY perfume bottle, whatever the size or the shape of the bottle.
• To which surfaces I can attach my Ultra magnification Mirror safely?
The suction cups at the back of the FLO Ultra magnification mirror adhere to any smooth surface, like: car window, bathroom mirror, shower wall …
How to charge my travel shaver?
The FLO Travel Shavers charge via a USB cable. It means you can charge you FLO shaver anywhere thanks to your computer and through the USB charger already placed on your device. 
How to change the smell in my perfume necklace?
Each FLO Perfume jewelry comes with 3 SCR capsules. To change the fragrance in the jewelry, just spray a new capsule with the new perfume chosen and place it to the jewelry.
How can I change the batteries in the FLO LED Mirrors and LED Tweezers?
All the FLO LED accessories are designed to hold for several hours of use without having to change the batteries. But when the light fades and doesn’t work anymore, you can easily change the batteries.
The batteries used are highly common models:
For the FLO Celebrity mirror: one 23A-12V battery
For the FLO Compact Mirror: two CR2032-3V batteries
For the FLO Ultra Magnification Mirror: four LR03-AAA- 1.5V batteries 
For the FLO LED Tweezers: tree LR41 batteries
How long does the crystal nail file can last?
The FLO Crystal nail file will last you forever! Indeed, you just need to wash it from time to time and re-use it as much as you want.
FLO Accessories
Where else can I buy FLO accessories products?
FLO Accessories products are also available in a selection of shops and Duty free worldwide thanks to our partners: Sephora, Douglas, Nuance, ULTA, world Duty Free Group, QVC …